Fire Pan Overview:

Fire pans are great for holding fire media and a place to fixate the burner on. By having a pan you’ll be able to spend less money on fire media such as fire glass or lava rocks and create an easy to service fire feature! Now, there are two types of pans Flat & Drop-In. Scroll down to see the visual difference and learn more about the use applications for each.

Flat Pans Overview:

Flat pans tend to be a great option for those who are building thier own fire pits. These come especially handy when creating a natural stone fire pit that has an uneven texture on the surface. You would simply create a support system out of rebar or z-brackets to hold the pan up within the fire pit. We have many sizes, shapes, ignition types to choose from or you can spec one out!

Drop-in Pans Overview:

Drop-in Pans are a great option when you have a flat/even surface and want an easy plug and play installation. All you need to know is the top hole opening to the fire pit and we can help create the proper drop-in pan!