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The color displayed in the product photo may not always accurately represent the color selected in your configuration. Therefore, the color you select, may be depicted differently in the photo, possibly appearing as a shade variation.

For example, you might select 'Pewter' but the product photo is actually representing 'Mist'.

Product shown is for illustration purposes only, due to its handmade nature slight variations in color and texture may occur. Please contact [email protected] to request physical samples of the finish you are looking for prior to purchasing.

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Designer Series Feature 14

Metal Powder Coat

The Designer Series Scupper 14 presents an extraordinary visual drama where the vivacious play of fire crowns the cool cascade of water. Crafted with precision, the scupper’s elegant water flow is juxtaposed against the vibrant backdrop of flames, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that captures the essence of fire and water in harmony.

L (12”) x W (12”) x H (26”)