Using the TOP Website

  If you haven’t seen TOP’s website, now is the time! The TOP website has many useful resources to help your customers make thoughtful buying decisions and get their fire features up and running in no time. 

Here are a few screenshots of our website to help guide you through some of the many available resources!

The above image showcases an overview of the website. 
Top Section
The top section where it says “Catalogs, Manuals & Documents, Color Swatch Guide…” is where you’ll find more information on catalogs, manuals, and more!

Main Menu
The main menu “Bowls, Fire Pits & Tables, Torches…” is where you’ll find the categories of products TOP offers. Essentially, this serves as a more interactive version of the catalog.

Once you click on the product you are interested in you’ll be taken into the product page. 

Product Page
After clicking on the desired product you’ll be taken into the product page where you can find more useful information about that particular product and you’ll also find our part number generator (see next image).

Part Number Generator
Within the Product Page you’ll find this handy tool we call the part number generator. With this tool you or the customer/homeowner can spec out the product with the available colors and sizes to then ease the quoting process for everyone.

TOP has found this tool to be extremely useful with current customers and helps eliminate the margin of error for a customer’s order.