What is COR-TEN™ Steel?

Corten Steel Pismo Fire Pit

COR-TEN™ Steel is a high strength steel with a high weathering resistance. COR-TEN™ has been a trademarked name used to generalize Weathered Steel. This steel alloy has been used in architecture and sculptural works, it eliminates the need to paint and provides a beautifully unique and aesthetically pleasing look while also providing great rust protection. COR-TEN™ has a weather resistance greater than 4~8 times that of ordinary steel. Each of our COR-TEN™ Steel Products at The Outdoor Plus are aged to look around 1 month of patina. The texture of the COR-TEN™ Steel may be irregular, this is what gives our products and even more unique finish.

COR-TEN™ Steel will continue to patina over time into a darker mocha looking metal instead of the bright yellow-orange that it originally started with. The image below shows the aging/patina process of COR-TEN™ Steel starting from left to right(0.5 Months, 1.5 Months, 6 Months, 2 Years, 5 Years, 22 Years, 40 Years).

Corten Weathered Steel Aging Process

The COR-TEN™ Steel will have a “rust” layer of residue, we suggest not touching or sitting on the COR-TEN™ Steel. The COR-TEN Steel may stain the ground but can be power-washed with water.

If you would like to stop the patina process you may add a clear-coat/protective paint to the surface of the COR-TEN™ Steel product, this will alleviate the residue/rust byproduct of the COR-TEN™ Steel.