Warranty Form


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Image requirements:

  • Must be larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels. Must be high resolution.
  • Not sure if your photos meet these requirements? Send them to us and our in house media adviser will advise you.
  • If your images are approved, you will receive $100 – $150 credit for any future purchases.
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  • Help us promote your work with our amazing products. We look forward to your submissions.


The Outdoor Plus Company (TOP) warranties fire pits against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct
function as follows:

  • Stainless Steel and Brass Burner Tubes/Rings = Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Electronics, Gas Valves, & Pilot Assembly: 1 year
  • Stainless Steel Pan & Valve Box: Commercial – 1 year; Residential – 3 years
  • This commences from the date of original sale / shipment from The Outdoor Plus
  • This warranty is for the parts and in-house (TOP) labor. The defective product must be sent back to TOP with a Return
  • Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issued by TOP for that specific product and any other additional information for the nature of the defect or warrant claim
  • The warranty does not cover items that have been damaged by overheating, modification, abuse, or improper storage.
  • Any labor involving installation or maintenance with the unit is not covered
  • This warranty excludes claims for consequential, indirect-collateral expenses arising from the products defects or warranty recovery
  • This warranty is only applied to original purchases.


No returns on made-to-order goods.
No returns on custom features, NO EXCEPTIONS.
If a product is delivered incorrectly, it is the recipients responsibility to notify TOP within 48 hours. TOP is not responsible for incorrect or damaged packages and shipments 48 hours after they have been received.


If you believe a unit or component you received is defective, The Outdoor Plus will gladly test any component at our facility. TOP will cover shipping back to you.


If an item is found to be defective it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. TOP will absorb all costs of
outgoing freight and replacement or repair costs if product is in warranty.


If the product is found to be non-defective it will be returned to the customer – no credit will be given.
Freight coming in are at the customers expense.


If a return is needed due to a mistake on our part, we will issue a RMA and Return Services Label. When
products are received at TOP, credit will be issued for the products and the outgoing freight on the original invoice.


If an RMA is asked for and covers current new products in the original package, we will authorize
the return. The customer is responsible for the return shipping. When products are received we will issue credit for the
original customer cost less a 25% restocking charge.
Custom orders do not apply.


The Outdoor Plus, Inc., warranties product against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct operation of the product commencing from the date of original sale or shipment from TOP. The warranty on parts and in-house labor will apply only to claims presented to us by our original customer and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Please refer to the Warranty Chart below for warranty periods. The defective product must be shipped back with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) issued by TOP for that specific product which states the nature of the defect or warranty claim. Product to be returned should be packed carefully- The Outdoor Plus is not responsible for shipping damage on returned items. The original purchase information will be required. RMA’s are only valid for 30 days from the date of issue by TOP and will not be processed if received after the expiration date. The RMA number must be indicated on the outside of the return package and a copy of the RMA should be placed in the package with product.

Our warranty does not cover items that have been damaged by overheating, modification, abuse, improper storage, installation, or maintenance . This warranty excludes claims for incidental or consequential damage and indirect collateral expenses arising from product defects or warranty recovery. Product manufactured by TOP including cLCus Certified models, cannot be altered or modified in any way.

The Outdoor Plus is not responsible for local codes and will not accept a return on any product that is not approved for installation. Please check with your local authorities or governing agencies for proper approvals before purchasing. TOP is not responsible for the actions including negligence of the installer.


Freight Most orders will be shipped FOB Ontario, California, with a standard shipping carrier selected by TOP unless customer specifically requests their own carrier and account. A freight quote may be requested in advance. TOP works diligently with standard carriers to achieve the best discounts available.


The Outdoor Plus Inc. unilaterally applies this Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy. This Policy is subject to change at any time by the Company at its sole discretion.


The purpose of this policy is to protect the value of the Company’s trademarks and brand names and to attract and retain reputable, customer-friendly vendors, brick & mortar and online.


This Policy is applicable to all sellers of the Company’s products who advertise or sell Products on any Internet platform and to distributors that sell to such resellers. This Policy applies to all products of TOP unless otherwise specified by TOP. The Policy applies only to prices advertised anywhere on the Internet or by means of the Internet (including but not limited to websites, social media, direct e-mail advertising, and related materials that are accessible through the Internet platform by means of a hyperlink). The Policy does not apply to print advertising or in-store advertising for products to be sold at a physical store but does apply to all advertising for sales to be made over or by means of the Internet. This policy does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold. Nothing in the Policy or other agreement with the Company will constitute an agreement on the price or price levels at which Resellers or Distributors actually sell any Product.


The Internet advertised price of a Product means the net price advertised on the Internet after all discounts, rebates, gifts or promotional items. The Internet Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) shall be set by the Company from time to time in its sole discretion and shall be communicated by the Company to the Resellers from time to time. If the Company makes the MAP available on a website accessible to the Reseller and informs Reseller of this, it is the responsibility of the Reseller to maintain current knowledge of the MAP.


It is the policy of the Company that Resellers shall not advertise any Company Product on the Internet at prices below the MAP for that Product established by the Company. This policy is not violated by Reseller advertising a higher price. Also, this policy is not violated by communication by email or telephone to an individual customer in response to a telephone or email inquiry from the customer. Statements on a website such as “call for pricing” for a Product do not violate the Policy as long as a price for the Product is provided on the same website and that price is equal to or exceeds the MAP. Also, it is a violation of this Policy for the Reseller to characterize or disclose any pricing as the Internet minimum advertised price or that such minimum is based on the Company’s policies. Resellers and Distributors have not agreed to this unilateral Policy and the Company is not seeking any such agreement. However, if a Reseller or a Distributor violates this Policy, the Company’s policy is to take certain unilateral actions.


The Company has the right to sell Products to each Reseller or Distributor or to refrain or stop from doing in its discretion for any reason or for no reason. Under this Policy, if Reseller advertises Products on the Internet below the MAP or otherwise violates this Policy, the Company may cease selling or shipping Products to Reseller or its customers and/or cease taking orders from Reseller for a temporary or permanent period in the Company’s discretion, which may take into account circumstances such as the number of violations or the repetition of violations . Also, if a Distributor sells Product to any Reseller that violates this Policy, the Distributor will be in violation of the Policy and the Company may cease selling or shipping Products to that Distributor or its customers and/or cease taking orders from that Distributor for a temporary or permanent period in the Company’s discretion, which may take into account circumstances such as the number of violations or the repetition of violations. The Company will take these actions unilaterally and will not seek or accept any agreement by a Reseller or a Distributor or any assurance of future compliance by that Reseller or Distributor.


Company sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this Policy. All questions or comments regarding this Policy should be directed to the policy administrator at [email protected]